What our Customers say...


I used SERVPRO to help with clean up after flooding and mold in a property I manage. They were great, from providing an accurate estimate to making recommendations on how to move forward with the project to coordinating with tenants on my behalf to keeping me updated on progress on a daily basis. Allen provided all of the details I asked for and he definitely has customer service top of mind. I definitely would [will] call them in the future!

Posting on behalf of my mother, Paula Kushlan who received excellent service:

Allen and his team were fantastic. Got home Sunday night to find finished basement flooded. Called SERVPRO, Allen returned call immediately and was there within an hour with 4 colleagues. They were kind, reassuring, worked hard and fast. Allen walked me through the process - calling insurance, etc. Allen was always available to me. The contractor was so impressed with the job they did.

A wonderful group!

I manage a small salon, and the restaurant connected to us flooded and caused severe damage to our walls. Allen and his team arrived that same night, and worked ALL NIGHT LONG. When we arrived the next morning, the work area was sealed off neatly (for them to work continue that evening) and it was SPOTLESS.

I can't express how grateful I am to SERVPRO and would recommend them in a second!

I had a flood when I was out of town for Christmas and insurance told me to contact a restoration company, thankfully I found these guys. All I have to say is look no further they are a class act, Allen the project manager came out and assessed the situation and went straight to work with his team. He was very easy to work with and explained the process in its entirety.

Thanks you SERVPRO of Palo Alto! Can't go wrong with them.

These guys are the best at what they do... I had major water damage in my house and they came in right away with a plan to address the issue. Jessie was my project manager, absolutely wonderful and professional. He was there for me every step of the way, answered all of my calls no matter the time, could not have asked for a better manager to handle my situation. I highly recommend SERVPRO. Thank you guys, could not have gotten through my terrible situation without you!!

I am glad i have a way to express my gratitude towards SERVPRO and its team. We experienced major water damage in our home and within two hours of calling SERVPRO, Allen and his team were at our house and beginning the clean up. I did extremely appreciate how courteous and comforting they were. Their professional but caring behavior is such a relief when you are down. Once the drying process is on, they visit you everyday to evaluate the process: They definitively got your back.

SERVPRO team helped us with water damage at our current rental. Jessie, Alan, and Amir were very professional and are very good at what they do. They not only helped with cleanup and drying of the floor but also helped us move our furniture into garage.

Allen, Jessie went over and beyond to make sure we could celebrate our Christmas in our home. Despite of being completely swamped they made time to come and move our furniture back into home.

Thanks guys you are the best!

I had a water leak and called my insurance, State Farm, they recommended to call SERVPRO. I searched SERVPRO and found the highest rated SERVPRO in my area. I was happy that the PM and his crew were extremely knowledgeable and explained the process to me in detaill. I appreciated the help SERVPRO and service I received from this company and highly recommend them to anyone dealing with a similar situation.

We have had a couple of different water damage issues in our home and SERVPRO has been excellent to work with. They are responsive, conscientious and thorough in mitigating the damage. It has been a pleasure working with them. They handle the issue in the most professional and efficient way as possible.

Had a water heater leak issue and had contacted SERVPRO based on the contact from home warranty company and these guys are the real deal and we're super professional and did a great job.

Allen and his SERVPRO team are fantastic. Allen came over in the middle of the night and had been working tirelessly to help fix our water damage issue. Our situation is very stressful as we have small kids and Allen and his team are working as fast as possible to get our place fixed. Allen is fast, smart, hard-working and does a really great job keeping me updated.

If you want things taken care of correctly, this is who you call. These are independently owned and operated franchises so it makes a difference which one you choose. SERVPRO of Palo Alto is the best

They were fast and professional. I can't say enough good things about the company. My insurance company recommended them and helped me with my water damage. They cleaned our mess up in 2 hours in the middle of the night. SERVPRO of Palo Alto is a great company to go with

I would recommend these guys to anyone. I have been raving about them every chance I get with my friends. Allen and Marianna are trustworthy people who care about their clients. SERVPRO was flexible, knowledgable, professional and trustworthy. I can't stress this enough. Having someone who you can trust is by far the most important part of any project. I would hire them again for sure!

Very professional & reliable. They helped us with all our requests, needs, questions. Friendly staff, easy to work with, very hands on & resourceful. - julie h

Allen and Marianna were very courteous and gave us excellent service . They were attentive to our needs and showed signs of concern and urgency towards our water damaged and taking care of of us . We are very happy with their service and would def refer them in the future. They advised us towards our needs and costs and they helped us turn our claim into a hassle free transaction. SERVPRO of Palo Alto rocks

SERVPRO was a true pleasure to work with. We had an emergency late in the afternoon/early evening and they came out immediately to help with the problem. They were very professional, they did an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone. We hope not to have an emergency like we did again but if we do we will definitely give SERVPRO a call

Today we woke up to the most unexpected and unfortunate surprise - a massive leak from our water heater had completely destroyed our basement floor. The more we investigated, the worse it seemed - baseboards, walls, floors in neighboring rooms - all completely ruined.

Luckily we found SERVPRO of Palo Alto online and instantly knew we were working with experts who care deeply about their clients. Within 5 minutes of talking to SERVPRO's 24 hour intake, Allen called me back to diagnose the situation and move into immediate action. Within one hour, he was at our house with his repair truck and immediately went to work. He quickly saw the extend of the damage, carefully described the full situation to us, and walked us through how to minimize the damage, work with insurance, and get everything taken care of as efficiently and safely as possible.  He stayed extra late to meet with the plumber we had called so that we could learn more about the situation and advocate on our behalf.  All late on a Saturday afternoon!

We've got a long way to go to repair, but feel so grateful to be in the expert hands of Allen and his team.

I wish that I could give more than 5 stars...This team deserves it!

These folks are awesome!  Everyone on this crew is outstanding, service is impeccable, performance is top-notch.  Very responsive.  I had a fridge water line blow out while I was at work.  Hours of flooding onto my hardwood floor and tile in an open space house.  Kitchen, hallway, living area, dining and entertainment area - all under water.  I called SERVPRO of Palo Alto and they sent a crew out right away.  When they arrived, they just plunged into the cleanup/dry-out.  The next several days consisted of various steps of dry-out, then hardwood floor and tile removal.  These guys worked hard to save my floor and even went into the crawlspace (scary!) to set things up for drying down there.  But get this: This morning, after all the dry out was completed, I thought I could use my washing machine, which didn't have the drain hose connected - *my* bad for not noticing.  After the inevitable spill takes place (and I'm kicking myself real hard), I call Allen, and Sally comes out AGAIN to help me out.  Like, immediately!  
Long and short of it is, Allen, Sally, Jessie, Paul, Emil, and other folks all worked very hard.  They are outstanding professionals.  Recommend them most highly.  Just like everyone else here!